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What Color Blue To Paint Porch Ceiling

Wythe blue by benjamin moore. Not all porch ceilings were painted blue however as shown in this 1898 paint catalog.

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Haint blue is a pale shade of blue that is traditionally used to paint porch ceilings in the southern united statesthe tradition originated with the gullah in georgia and south carolina but has also been adopted by white southerners.

What color blue to paint porch ceiling. Porch ceilings have always been blue in the south says lori sawaya an independent principal color strategist. You know i think i just might paint my front porch ceiling haint blue. If you already have please share the color and brand.

A bright caribbean blue some of the iterations that have been interpreted and used on porch ceilings over the centuries vary from the traditional vivacious turquoise to more subdued ice blue hues to shades that are equal parts blue and green. This color looks fabulous on a ceiling. Sometime after that it was painted various shades of blue and turquoise.

Spend a weekend house hunting in charleston or strolling the streets of savannah and youll likely notice that many of the houses no matter the colors of their shutters the colors of their front doors or even the colors of the houses themselves have one thing in common. While the practice is widespread across much of the south and has even made its way. I wasnt sure it would work well since i have a red door but i think ill check out some of the available blues and see if i can find one that works on my porch.

I was advised and now have sherwin williams blue sky 0063 for a porch ceiling color. People continue to paint their porch ceiling blue because thats what their grandmother did and thats what her grandmother did but many southerners suggest that blue porch ceilings originated out of the fear of haints. The bead board porch ceiling in my 1910 home in new jersey was originally stained and varnished.

I used it on my front door which you will find more photos in my spring porch decorating ideas post. Victorian era homeowners favored color inspired by nature such as brown and olive green. A sky blue porch ceiling.

Front porch ceiling painted haint blue haint blue porch paint the preferred color for many porch lovers has a rich history and colorful past. Porch ceilings in the american south and parts of the northeast are almost always painted blue whether the rest of the homes exterior is white yellow pink or any other color of the. If you are a fan of a more blue green tone for a porch ceiling look at wythe blue hc 143 by benjamin moore.

The ceiling of the slave quarters at the owens thomas house in savannah georgia built in the early nineteenth century was painted haint blue. Lori believes haint blue is an amazing color which can be found on not only porch ceilings but also on doors window shutters and buildings all over the world. Would you paint your porch ceiling haint blue.

Light blue porch ceilings it turns out match the color of the sky perfectly and help to visually extend daylight even after the sun has begun to set. It is a color they believed defended the home from troubled spirits.

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