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Here is a little chart i did to kind of show you what i mean. Another answer says to mix water to get your color.

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An artist who approaches painting skies and clouds with these five key factors in mind will see success every time.

Sky blue color oil paint. You should be able to do almost all your sky blue areas with ultramarine blue or cobalt almost the same hue but more expensive and phthalo blue adding a touch of grey earth yellow or earth red colors as needed along with white as bill said the major component. Learn how to paint a simple blue sky with oil colors in this engaging free art lesson with professional artist and art instructor wilson bickford. Cadmium red will darken blue almost to black ideal for the bases of storm clouds or for the shadows of slate.

Archive how to mix a bright blue sky colour acrylics. Its not really how bright of a paint you can get but how the paint relates to the colors around it. How to match any color with oil paint.

Turners skies or even claude monets they are multifaceted and carry the hum of several colors. Wetcanvas explore media acrylics how to mix a bright. Adding blues complementary colour is a better option.

When i mix it with white i just get a dull lighter shade of itself. The sky is rarely blue or rarely just blue. How to paint deep blues.

I have the right acrylic color. I suppose i can just use that butacrylic paint just doesnt glide as smoothly. If you mix more than one blue together along with your white you may get a more correct color.

Learn how to paint a natural sunny day blue sky in this lesson as artist rob reep takes you inside his studio to see the process step by step including the exact color recipe he uses for the. Im trying to get a nice bright sky blue color with oil paints. Can i make the blue im looking for or no.

Adding black will create dirty greys. Your blue is probably not a pure hue and may be a shade black added instead. Any colour in the red spectrum can be used for deepening blues.

Squeeze out two parts blue paint to one part green paint onto a plate or a palette then mix the colors together with a brush adjusting the ratio if needed. You can use acrylic watercolor oil or any other kind of paint as long as the green and blue are the same kind of paint. But darkening blue is not so simple.

Most real skies are not just one color. I have a basic yellow and basic red. Getting a correct sky blue color depends on what image you are trying to paint.

I have ultramarine blue. Everything thing in a painting is relative.

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